The kitchen is the center of gravity for my family, and we always try to make informed decisions about the food we prepare.  I never thought about what I was cooking with, however, until one morning when my spatula melted into the eggs I was frying.  This made me wonder about my cooking utensils: what are they made of?  Where were they made?  Are they as safe as the food I am carefully choosing and preparing?

With these questions in mind, I shopped for new utensils, always looking for the same thing: the highest quality materials and construction, an origin that I could have confidence in, and a highly functional design.

I wasn't able to find what I was looking for, so I put my architecture training and passion for design to work, creating Origin Utensils.  All of our products are made in the USA of the finest materials available, and are designed to feel good in your hands, excel at their specific tasks, and last forever.