What is your cooking worth?

Are your cooking utensils – those floppy, half-melted things that you can’t remember buying – worthy of the food you’re preparing?  Do they feel like blunt instruments, or something you can use with precision and confidence?  If you’re serious about cooking, it's time to get serious about your tools.

We make the finest cooking utensils in the world.  Every detail has been scrutinized and designed to deliver the highest performance possible.  These include a super-polished edge that allows use of our stainless utensils in your cast iron; a stay-cool handle that absolutely will not flex; and the highest quality, US-made materials and construction.

The finest cooking utensils - Origin Utensils

Our baby spoon is a patented, clean sheet design made for comfortable eating and holding, with a focus on the edge and the bowl, as they determine the baby's comfort.