Materially Better.

BPS, BPA, phthalates…it seems like every month there’s something else to avoid. How do you know what you’re using is safe?

The fact is that when it comes to food contact, some materials are just better than others. Plastic and silicone may be fine when new, but after normal washing and use, dishwasher heat cycles and scratches, are they still hygienic? Is the material breaking down and becoming part of the meal?  Is today's "safe" plastic tomorrow's danger?

Origin Utensils are made of 100% American food-grade stainless steel.  Our baby spoon is 316 SS, and our utensils are 304 SS.  Stainless steel is time tested and universally recognized as safe for food contact and preparation.  It's not just BPA free, its everything free - it won't melt in your eggs or add little bits of plastic to your baby’s meal.